Sunday, August 10, 2008


English is the second language that most of UiTMT students use. Many students can
understand and read in English but not fluent when speak English. There are several ways
that can be taken by UiTMT students to improve their English.
One of the ways is they should practice in English among them. If they practically use
English, maybe they will master in English without any problems. They can start communicate
in English with their friends from now on. If they keep using Malay as a main language to
communicate, it won't change anything. So, that is one of the way to improve English among
students of UiTMT.
Another thing is, UiTMT students should read all books, newspapers, and magazine in English.
Studied has shown that many students who always read English material can improve
their English in short time. Students should read New Straits Time paper because it
contains a lot of information and the English level is average with their level. Other example
is Readers Digest and etc. They must start reading English from now on to improve their English.
Besides that, UiTMT students should enter English competition that organize by UiTM
or outsider competition. They can compete with other students from different faculty and
region. If they are in competition, they can improve 2 things at the same time. They will
be brave to speak in front of peoples and surely they will manage to improve their English.
If they enter the English competition from now, there will be a highest potential that their English will improve.
Last but not list. They must start thinking in English from now. Practice and keep practicing with other mates can improve their English. Don't be shy if UiTMT students speak with broken English. It starts with failure then follow with success. Above is a several ways to improve UiTMT students in English language. Success won't come easily. But with the effort, they will have a success in English.